Most of us like to watch movies and TV Shows in our free time. This is something which is very common to all of the potato couches out there. While some can enjoy movies on their phones or tablets, there are some who prefer only big screens. So there is a perfect app out there for such guys- Cinema Box PC.

As you are here i can safely assume that you already know about this app so its a great option for you if you are a movie lover.

For installing Cinemabox iOS click on the download button below.


Cinema box PC

Features of Cinema Box PC

  • Contains the best and your favorite movies and TV Shows.
  • Cinema Box PC app does not charge its users for its services.
  • The videos are available in all qualities including 360p, 480p, 720p etc.
  • You can choose the video quality according to your internet speed though 720p is preferred for best experience.
  • Movies and videos are updated on a daily basis from the best servers available.
  • You can search for your favorite movies according to your favorite genre.
  • You can just download the movies and TV shows directly into Cinema box PC app and watch later on as desired.

Requirements of Cinema Box PC

  • You need to install Bluestacks app on your PC.
  • You need an apk file which you can download from the download button below.
  • A good internet connection which is stable and offers good internet speed.
  • Some free hard disk space on your PC if you want to download movies to watch later.
  • A bucket list of the movies you are going to watch. That’s it and you are good to go.

So these were all the features and requirements of Cinema Box PC app.

Cinema Box PC

Download and install Cinema Box PC

I mentioned it to you that i will give a secure and simplest guide on installation process of Cinema Box PC so here are those simple steps that you need to follow to complete the installation process. Below are steps to download and install Cinema Box PC app.

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Step 1: Download & Install Bluestacks

I’ve already told it previously that Cinema Box is officially made for Android devices and can’t be directly used on any other platform (like Windows, Blackberry or Mac). So, to make the app compatible with the Windows or any other operating systems you have to make some changes. All you need to do is download an additional software known as Android Emulator on your computer or laptop.

Bluestacks is one such most trusted Android emulator available for Windows platform.

Now, download Bl uestacks player setup file from it’s official website.

Step 2 : Open Bluestacks and Update the Database

Cinema Box PC

Launch the software and update its database and framework. It will install Google Player store and other necessary apps automatically. Now go to account management and add a Google account.

Step 3: Download & Install Cinema Box PC

At this moment, your Windows PC is ready to install & use any Android .apk file. But, since we’re discussing about install Cinema box PC, we will show you the same.

  • Now, you need to download trusted .apk file of Cinema Box PC.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the file, right click on it and select “open with Bluestacks player”. This will automatically install the Cartoon HD app on your PC and now you’re ready to have fun using the Cartoon HD App.

Now you are good to go and can freely use this app to watch all of your movies and TV Shows.

You can also download Cinemabox APK for your android devices by clicking on the download button below.


Final Verdict on Cinema Box PC

There are many other apps which offer similar services namely providing free movies and TV Shows on their servers but none of those are even close to the services of Cinema Box PC. Most of other apps charge too much money while some others app are worthless. These apps just have a low quality movie file which takes forever to load.

Cinema Box PC app has the best and the fastest servers of them all. Not only this Cinema Box PC app is the only app which is updated on a daily basis. This enables the users to watch all the latest movies as soon as they are out on the internet.

Many people think that it might be illegal to use Cinema Box PC while it is not the case. You as customers will never get in trouble for the services any company provides it is the company that has to do anything with the legal business. So you can enjoy your free time without worrying about any such things.